Cardboard Main Set

This is the lightweight/travel version of Aromat. In this Basic Set you can find 6 Tiles per player, 18 coloured Team Play Tokens per Player and 6 Modulator Tokens per Player. The Play Field Elements are purchasable separately.

The Game Pieces are made from durable, water and scratch resistent cardboard and 6mm black foam board.

CHOOSE THE NUMBER OF PLAYERS 1 Player Set 1 Player. 6 Tiles. Choose 1 Emblem 2 Player Set 2 Players. 2x6 Tiles. Choose 2 Emblems 3 Player Set 3 Players. 3x6 Tiles. Choose 3 Emblems 4 Player Set 4 Players. 4x6 Tiles. Choose 4 Emblems
CHOOSE EMBLEM(S) Hexagon Hexagon Diamond Diamond Almond Almond Circle Circle For each Player choose 1 Emblem. Example: 2 Player Set: Choose 2 Emblems
Play Field Elements Include Without
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