Brain Acrobatics

Brain booster games and methods developed with the help of neuroscience.

With the games of the Brain Acrobatics series, we target the general consumer market (casual board game players), children education, corporate world, elderly people (especially those in the starting phase of dementia), the design market, apathetic individuals suffering from mental disorders like depression and communities with all sorts of missions (for example those that try to bring together ethnic minority groups).

The Games

The strategic thinking games we use, designed by Ramón Kailani at Vimpre Institute and published by Patterns

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Train your brain in decision making, reasoning, team work and strategic thinking & bond with your team

Didactic Method

Tools & methods for educational institutes, for training children in: logic, sense for numbers and strategic thinking


Brain Acrobatics is a new type of sport which you can participate in at clubs, competitions and anywhere possible

( Developed by Ramón Kailani: at VIMPRE Institute: Published by Patterns Games Publishing B.V. : . )