Brain Acrobatics

Brain booster games and methods developed with the help of neuroscience.

Brain Acrobatics is a collection of games and methods for a healthier brain and achieving more success in life. For: consumers, corporate businesses and children education.

The Games

The strategic thinking games we use, designed by Ramón Kailani at Vimpre Institute and published by Patterns

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Corporate Training/Seminar

Seminar in decision making, leadership, reasoning, team work and strategic thinking. Great way to bond with your team

Didactic Method

Tools & methods for educational institutes, for training children in: logic, sense for numbers and strategic thinking


Brain Acrobatics is a new type of sport which you can participate in at clubs, competitions and anywhere possible

( Developed by Ramón Kailani: at VIMPRE Institute: Published by Patterns Games Publishing B.V. : . )