GAMEPLAY // You can play Aromat by placing the Game Tiles next to each other in turns. Each special calculation created by the two adjacent sides of the Tiles following the gameplay Rules either adds or subtracks a certain amount of points to your Game Score. If the adjacent Tiles are of different Players, each Player scores points. You can calculate and keep the score yourself using pen and paper, print out the Aromat Score Board or use the free mobile app available on iOS and Android for smartphones and tablets. Click here for the GAMEPLAY page.

RULES // Aromat is an abstract game that unfolds like a prose. The more you play it, the more strategies and tactical possibilities you will discover. Additional rule systems and advanced variations are provided in the Rulebook. With the addition of each system/variation, the strategic entanglement, possibilities and tactical complexities unfold as well, making you evolve and ripe as a strategic thinker and Player.
Click here for the RULES Page. Download and print the SCORE BOARD for manual score calculation.

DESIGN // Great precision and detail is used for the design of the game elements. The design process took 1.5 years and had seen many stages and changes, ending up being spectacular. The detail and aesthetic appeal are simply amazing. See it for yourself in real life, because the pictures do not represent the beauty of this game very well!

TACTICS // Aromat was developed for strategic gameplay. Its principle has no chance aspect to it what so ever. This way it stays a battle of intelligence and tactics. It looks like a simple game, but it could require some hardcore brain sweating, depending on your level. Discover new strategies and share them in the forum!

COLLECTION // Aromat is a Collectible Abstract Strategy™ game (CAS). This means that each player can collect game pieces to be able to construct unique Play Sets. Expanding your collection adds more choices, depth, engagement and variation to the gameplay. Variation is one of the key aspects to the game. This ensures that it will stay interesting and novel throughout a lifetime. Start with the Basic Set then augment your gameplay with more choices, tactics and strategic depth by expanding your Tile Collection.

MOBILE APP // Both for iOS and Android (smartphone/tablet). The app helps you playing Aromat Game in a fun and convenient way. It calculates the game score and memorises it for you.

EDUCATION // Aromat is a great way for kids to practice their mathematics/calculus. In stead of using the app calculation function, calculate it yourself!

DEVELOPMENT // This section could be as large as a book! The development of this game was a lot of fun and A LOT of work too. 1,5 Years of constant work and trial and error. Concept, research, design, prototyping, production, apps programming, photography, video, website, distribution, marketing etc. All done by a single person. Soon I will make a blog documentary + video about the development process with pictures of early stages.

PRODUCTION // All aspects of Aromat Game are crafted in The Netherlands. The wood is picked by hand for aesthetic quality. The attention and detail during the production process make the elements of the game to be true art pieces. After the burning process of the numbers and symbols into the wood, the wood gets finished with a thin layer of natural wax. This finish does not stay on top of the wood, but gets sucked in, keeping the natural beauty of the wood.

NAME // When you play Aromat, the figures that will be created resemble the cyclical molecule structures that make up the natural phenomenon Aroma. My father, who is a chemist, mentioned the resemblance after seeing the game for the first time and that's how the name Aromat was born.

VISION // A word from the designer and developer of Aromat: Ramón Kailani (1985).
Ramón studied Biomedical Science, Neuroscience, Literature and Music Composition. He works as a neuroscientific researcher, music composer and interdisciplinary artist/thinker.

A big part of my own studies, life goals and happiness is the wellbeing and happiness of other people.
One of the aspect of life that I studied, which I believe can make people live better is efficiency. Efficiency in social interactions, task execution, finance, health and future planning for example. In my own conclusion about this subject I found that the main key to efficiency in these modern days is the making of choices.

This is why I wanted to design a device of some sort that could train people in decision making, if that is a key aspect in efficiency which leads to a better and happier life.

After doing further research and knowledge collection from already conducted academic experiments I decided the “device” I initially wanted would be a game that is carefully designed and developed specifically for my goal. Games are good training devices because of their engagement and visual appeal.

So I thought that by training yourself in important life techniques in a specific, compact, intensive, engaging and controlled manner you can improve bigger things in life such as work, studies, social relations, financial situation, future planning.

Personally I’m very happy with the result of this project so far. It has come a long way, from idea to research, design, prototyping, testing, app developing and continues to evolve as the next steps take place.

Aromat is a board game + app that is engaging and aesthetically appealing.
It trains your brain in information processing and decision making.

All copyright belongs to Ramón Kailani, Vimpre Institute and Patterns Game Publishing. Copying of concept and/or design is prohibited.

Aromat is created and developed by Ramón Kailani at Vimpre and published by Patterns.

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