STRATEGIC / Intelligent game mechanisms  DESIGN / Beautiful hand made wooden game pieces  COLLECTABLE / Expand your collection for more strategy  CUSTOMISABLE / Choose your own style  ENGAGING / Great variety in gameplay


Aromat is a fun strategy game that is engaging and aesthetically appealing. It consists of physical game pieces and a mobile app (iOS, Android)


Made by an expert in neuroscience and music didactics. Train your brain in Decision making and Information processing while playing


Entirely developed and handcrafted in the EU (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) using sustainable, earth friendly methods and materials

// Aromat is deeply strategic, yet easy to get into. This tabletop game will keep you engaged because of its intelligent gaming mechanisms and its nice design. // It’s the first abstract strategy game ever with a collectable approach. Hence the unique genre it creates: Collectable Abstract Strategy™ (CAS). // The playing mechanisms are developed so that they will train your brain in information processing and decision making, both very useful in our modern society. // // (Aromat is copyright protected. All rights belong to Patterns Games Publishing).

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