Aromat Play Field Elements

Choose which shape you would like to order below. For multiple Play Field Elements, you can add them to cart one by one. These Game Elements are handcrafted in an art workshop in Amsterdam by one artist. The black shapes and numbers of the inlays are deeply burned into the wood for a natural and delicate look. All wood is hand selected for quality and beauty, and finished by hand using a self made mixture of natural waxes. All materials are durable and earth friendly. The price appears below after you made all selections. Please scroll down for more information. €15 For each Element

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Aromat Play Field Elements 

You can construct a Play Field by combining Play Field Elements to make a unique Play Field for your game. This is a very fun, surprising and unique way to play which adds novelty to the gameplay each time you play a new game. The Play Field Elements are made so that they can fit in each other like puzzle pieces. While it is not necessary to use a Play Field when playing Aromat, using it makes the gameplay more relaxed because the Play Field is taking away options and choices you would have had to make yourself otherwise. You can make the Play Field as small, big, simple or complicated as you like. Collaborate with your opponents to create the Play Field shape or decide on the shape in turns. Try to find your own way.
Have fun playing!

• Made from the finest quality dark wood with inlays of bright wood that contain ornaments burned into them.
• Handmade in Amsterdam, The Netherlands by the designer himself.

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