Aromat Extension Sets

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CHOOSE THE NUMBER OF PLAYERS 1 Player Set 1 Player, 2 Tiles. Choose 1 Emblem 2 Player Set 2 Players, 4 Tiles. Choose 2 Emblem 3 Player Set 3 Players, 6 Tiles. Choose 3 Emblem 4 Player Set 4 Players, 8 Tiles. Choose 8 Emblem
CHOOSE EMBLEM(S) Hexagon Hexagon Diamond Diamond Almond Almond Circle Circle For each Player choose 1 Emblem. Example: 2 Player Set: Choose 2 Emblems
CHOOSE WOOD Bright Wood Solid Bright Wood Dark Wood Solid Dark Wood
CHOOSE STYLE DeluxeA [Clear] , [Red] , [Clear] Deluxe E [Clear] , [Red , [Clear] , [Red] , [Clear]
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Aromat Extension Sets

Aromat Extension Sets containing 2 Playing Tiles per Player. Augment your gameplay with more choices, more tactics and more strategic depth by expanding your Tile Collection. // Aromat is a Collectible Abstract Strategy™ game (CAS). This means that each player can collect game pieces to be able to construct different, unique Play Sets. // Each Line (A, B, C etc.) in the Aromat Collection System contains 10 different packs. Each pack with the same Line-Pack Code contains 2 identical Game Tiles (for example all packs named A-1 contain the same kind of Tiles). It is strongly recommended to follow the chronology of the Series Lines (A-P) and the Series Pack Number (for example A1, A2 etc.).  // If you are new to Aromat, you can start your journey with the Basic Set containing 6 Tiles here.

Ordering Procedure

Please fill in all 4 choices to complete the ordering procedure above: 1 Choose the number of players (expressed in “Sets”). If you are ordering just for yourself to play with other people who purchased their own Aromat Game, choose “1 Player Set”. If you would like to have multiple Sets ready in your possession so that anyone without their own Aromat Game Sets can join in and play, hen choose 2, 3 or 4 Player Set. All Sets are equal and have the same kinds of Tiles. // 2 For each Set you need to choose one Emblem. Emblems have the function of representing a specific player thus making the distinction clear of which Tile belongs to which Player during the game. (For example: if you choose “Triple Set”: Then choose 3 Emblems). //  3 Choose your preferred wood type: Solid Oak or Solid Mahogany. // 4 Choose the style of the sides of the Tiles. All styles have the same thickness. // If you’d like to order multiple Sets in different wood types and styles, you can add Single Set combinations one by one to your Cart.

Patterns Aromat Quality

• Beautiful, high quality hand selected solid wood.
• Everything is handmade in Amsterdam, The Netherlands by the designer himself.
• Deep burning of the numbers and shapes into the wood. This creates a luxurious appeal.
• Durable, earth friendly materials and production process.
• All elements are made with extra care and precision. The numbers and shapes are engraved extremely sharp and precise.  And the overal crafting process takes a lot of time and attention, resulting in artistic products.
• Tile Sides Style variations: brown birch wood, black burned solid oak or mahogany, and combinations of translucent glass in clear and red color.
• Native applications for smartphone and tablet for iOS and Android.
• Long and solid development process of the game mechanisms and design.

Practical Specifications

WHAT DO I GET? // Per Extension Set: 2 different Aromat Game Tiles, 2 Emblem Tokens, Mobile App (iOS, Android) for smartphone and tablet.
3,5cm x 1,3cm (1,4″ x 0,5″).
DELIVERY RATES // See exact shipping cost calculation in your cart or at checkout.
DELIVERY DURATION: Click here to see a full list of all countries and their corresponding delivery duration. The game is made in and sent from The Netherlands, EU. Priority Mail is always the case.
PACKAGE DIMENSIONS // A4 bubble wrap envelope.